Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top 5 Christmas Movies

#5- "It's A Wonderful Life": Because any list of great Christmas movies has to include this all-timer that has withstood the test of time.

#4- "A Christmas Story": Aww so many classic scenes and lines, and a movie that is consistently hilarious and awesome from start to finish.

#3- "Home Alone": Because "My very own cheese pizza just for me" is one of my favorite movie lines ever, and is every 8 year old boy's ultimate dream.

#2- "Elf": Because it was made when Will Ferrell was in his prime, because it's uplifting, but still makes a great story, and isn't overly cheesy, and because I <3 Zooey.

#1- "Die Hard": Don't you dare try and tell me that it's not a fucking Christmas movie, because it is, and it's fucking awesome. Best action movie ever made, best Christmas movie ever made, and probably the best hero-villain relationship ever. John McClane vs. Hans Gruber FTW! Ohh and Carl Fucking Winslow as Sgt. Al Powell= Most Kick Ass "sidekick" ever. GTFO Robin!

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