Wednesday, January 13, 2010

5 Meals You Haven't Had But Should

- Chicken Picatta at the Commerce Casino...still to this day the best Chicken Picatta I've ever had, and that's saying a lot. Just play some 2/4 and enjoy this fine meal via table side service.
- Carne Asada Tacos from the mexican food stand at the Commerce Casino...2nd only to King Taco for best carne I've enjoyed. When I used to play live exclusively, the food was the biggest attraction to go to Commerce over Gardens
- Lemon Chicken w/Linguini at MammaLucca's in Brea. Chicken= fucking awesome...pasta= fucking awesome...garlic bread= fucking awesome...cute waitress who was definitely into me= super fucking awesome...sorry for the poor vocabulary, I'll try better next time
- Munchos Potato Chips and/or Cheetos Cheese Puffs when your Blood Alcohol is greater than 0.20. The Taj Mahal of drunk snacks, and nothing even comes close to matching them.
- 1/2 a big bag of Lay's Potato Chips + 4 chocolate chip cookies. When you're a college student whose laziness, and unwillingness to stop watching the temporary free Skinemax compliments of the cable company are so great, that he can't drive to the In N Out or Jack in the Box located within 1/4 mile of his apartment, and settle for this as your "dinner" you will experience an appreciation for fast food that will never leave you.

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