Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baseball Pet Peeves

- When people say the losing score first, i.e. "We lost 4-5". The sports world does NOT revolve around your team, stop being a douche, and when you lose give your opponent props and announce their winning score first.

- When fucktards don't run out every ground ball as if their life depended on it, or just show a general lack of hustle. Show your coaches, teammates, and fans that you care ffs. This game is hard enough, the only thing you can control is hustle, so fucking do it!

- People who ask "Did we win last night?" at a baseball game.

- People who leave baseball games early. If getting home early is such a priority, then you shouldn't have gone to the game in the first place, go a night when you can stay the whole time. I can maybe understand if you are with women/children and it's a blowout, but guys leaving a game early, or leaving a close game is ALWAYS UNACCEPTABLE! FWIW mark this down, if I suffer a serious injury or health attack during a Dodger game, I demand that whoever I am with NOT let me leave until the game is over.

- When people (myself included) fuck up by scorebook.

- Those mother fucking walks! They always come back and burn you.

- People who make noise or stay seated during the national anthem. You don't have to love this country and it's leaders, but show some fucking respect you cuntbags.

- All that annoying mickey mouse shit that happens between innings. Bloopers, highlights of other games, and alright I'll concede on the Kiss cam just because it makes for some really fucking funny moments are the only acceptable things to be played.

- Like 95% of L.A. baseball fans and their overly laid back attitude. For someone who literally lives and dies with his team 365 days a year, this whole culture and the "Its just a game attitude" life tilts me to no end. Fuck the East Coast teams, but their fans have just the right attitude.

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