Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things That Are Okay

There has been plenty of discussion about unacceptable things that guys do in order to keep their women happy, and trust me I've seen my share of cringe/vomit inducing violations committed by virtually every married/engaged/relationship male friend and family member. That being said, here are some things that meet my approval, because inevitably you have to keep the womenz happy somehow.

- Brunch: So long as you're home in time for the day's baseball/football games, I'm never going to argue against two meals for the price of one. Do note however, that substituting bacon/eggs/sausage for muffins and cantaloupe is NOT OKAY!

- Going through a Victoria's Secret Catalog with the woman (umm to help her make the right picks of course)

- Sitting down with the old lady for a night of the Food Channel Network: If it's a Giada marathon and/or she is preparing said meals for you while you are watching the show.

- The Occasional Chick Flick: But for every "Pretty Woman" night, there better be at least two "Die Hard" nights.

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