Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elevator Etiquette

- Ladies first ALWAYS! Even if they're not hawt, it's just common fucking courtesy.
- Cell phone conversations are ok, but try to keep the volume down
- If you see a family with a shit ton of little kids trying to catch your ride, it's perfectly acceptable to rapidly hit the close doors button.
- Drunk elevator conversations are ALWAYS encouraged and perfectly acceptable.
- Randomly talking to guys on an elevator is NOT acceptable unless the topic of conversation is some hawt chick that you just passed by
- Randomly talking to unattractive or modest looking women is acceptable if the topic is appropriate or circumstances call for it.
- Randomly talking to attractive women is not only encouraged, but REQUIRED! Hopefully there will be an appropriate topic to discuss, but if not then pull an audible, or if you must a hail mary, anything to try and start a conversation and get those digits.

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