Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How I Met Your Mother

- Seriously this week's episode was the most awesome episode ever.
- Ted going on a date with the future mother's roommate, and Summer from the OC was awesome. Damn she still looks good, apparently guys pass her over the roommate/future mother, which unless the future mother is Taylor from the OC or Carrie Underwood, who btw is scheduled to appear on the show this season, is an incomprehensible statement to me. Kind of nice to get a little closer to the identity of the mother, while still leaving it plenty wide open
- I absolutely love how bicurious Lily is. Seriously they need to just work in an episode where her and Robin have a full make-out session or at least something close to that, because her character and the viewers deserve it. Alyson Hannigan has never looked so hot, although Robin behind the bar was pretty fucking hot, not sure how anyone male or female could resist her.
- Still, the mother fucking star of the show was Barney's musical note at the end about Suits vs. Super Hot Chicks. Probably the best moment in the show's history, and possibly the 3 most super awesome minutes of television history, at least until they have the full Lily-Robin full-on makeout (and maybe more) session.

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