Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wingman Application

- Must always have my best sexual interests in mind
- Must always be willing to "Suit Up"
- Must be "one the same page" as me, and not ever pussy out on the moderator
- I'm pretty sure that almost all of my male readers are taller than me, so when approaching two chicks at a bar, you always get the taller one, and I always get the shorter one. This ensures that we're each going to get "the hotter one" an equal amount of the time. I don't want to be banging a chick whose like 6 feet tall, and while you're going to usually get the chicks with the nicer racks, I'll "settle" for chicks with nicer compact bodies.
- We take turns being the DD, and actually to be honest, really the sober guy should generally hook up with the sober chick, and the drunk guy with the drunk chick.
- Must be a stand up guy who's not going to burn me or try to fuck me over. Seriously, if you do, I have female friends who will introduce you to a world of pain that you cannot possibly understand.

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