Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Most Bitching Drives in Southern California

- The 5 Freeway just south of the power plant. Quite simply the sickest ocean views you can find around here.

- Culver Dr. in Irvine after midnight. One of the busiest most frustrating streets to drive on during the day, but so much fun to fly down at night to go get some late meal grub.

- West Road in Hacienda Heights. It's where I really learned to drive, and is fun as hell to drive in either direction. Not really fun for passengers though.

- Telegraph Road between the Commerce Casino and Leffingwell Road. So many late night trips home from Gardens or Commerce, but the drive itself is pretty cool, Telegraph is just one of those awesome streets to drive on.

- PCH between Newport and Laguna Niguel. Some exhilarating ocean views, an awesome place to just roll down the windows and soak in the ocean air and life, as well as home to this little private beach, which I've already marked as the go to romantic mushy gushy place for myself and the future yet-to-be-named Mrs. marc1313

- Idaho Road between Imperial and Rosecrans. Wide open road, with a high speed limit, where you can and should just rear back and test your vehicle's full capabilities.

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