Thursday, May 13, 2010

Girl Situation Final Update!

- Projects Done= Finally asked her out on a real date
- My delivery was piss poor awful on account of extreme nervousness
- She Said "No" of course. I'm just not what she's looking for, like that's a big fucking surprise.
- Trying everything possible NOT to drink tonight, but immerse myself in the blog and the screenplay instead.
- Subtract another 4389084 points from my "confidence" scale. At one point during my pursuit of her, I said "If she's not into me, then I should just give up" because I was so 100% sure she was into me. At this point giving up seems the right play. 25.5 years and not a single "Yes" answer = why keep trying and hurting myself like this?
- To those of you who would say "It's her loss" or shift the blame to her, lets face the facts: the common denominator in all my rejections is me. I tried so so hard this time, you all know that I did, and I did good every step of the way, and still crashed and burned. It's just me, it's just me...

Thanks to those of you who listened to and supported me through this entire ordeal. I am glad that I have some closure, and can move on, but I just don't want to move on.

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