Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Remembrances from the Past Few Months

- Drinking my weight in beer in like under an hour for my birthday celebrations...not much for the next few hours
- Wanting to fight a lot of different people
- Drunk off my ass and going absolutely wild in Memphis...sorry Woman!
- Getting into it with some punk Bruin fans at the Rose Bowl. Some fucking guy wouldn't move his legs so I could get through. Unfucking real!
- Going absolutely wild, shoving my boys and pumped up after we beat the Bruins! 28-14 Woo Hoo!
- Puking my guts out on Brookside Golf Course (Rose Bowl parking lot) after the game
- Drinking like 5 glasses of scotch in 20 minutes, hitting on the hawt bartender, and stumbling around like a crazy man.
- Craziness at Lake Arrowhead. Being a crazy fucko on the drive home. Sorry Woman for putting up with our drunk asses.

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