Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things I'm Stoked For

- Bowl Season and beating A-Dog in our bowl mania challenge
- Weeks 16,17, and the NFL Playoffs. Please ship it Chiefs!
- Fantasy Football Championship game vs. The Patriot Way. Started 2-4 due to some terrible in-season management and a bit of bad luck, but went 6-1 to end the regular season, and been the top point scorer in a lot of those weeks, including the first two playoff rounds (THANK YOU MICHAEL VICK)! Going for the 3 Peat this weekend, and as you all know, anything short of a championship is a failure, and just not an option.
- New Years Eve drunken insanity with Ryan, Hillary, Eric, and whatever other drunk foolios decide to show up wherever the fuck we decide to go. Nemesis you better be there!
- Visiting Paul and Heather for Wild Card Weekend! I'm literally praying for snow on at least one day so I can fulfill my lifelong dream of playing some football in the snow.
- Actually being able to play some poker over this break. I've missed it so so much.
- MORE AND MORE AND MORE RAIN!!! Loving these storms, please keep 'em coming.
- LOL I totally forgot about Christmas. Yea that too.

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