Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strippers and Scotch Day

Women get February 14th where their guy has to shower them with gifts and tell them how much they love them blah blah fucking blah!!! What the fuck do guys get? Jack diddily poo that's what we get guys! It's time to rise up and demand that we get a day filled with strippers and scotch where basically we get a hall pass to drink scotch and get lap dances from random chicks that we will never see again (unless the dances are really that great ;) I'll propose the date of March 13th as that is my half-bday and a month after VDay. A day where I can join my married/engaged/relationship brothers in a celebration of manhood, tits, and drink.

If you're a man comment and say "hell yea" and tell your woman that if she wants anymore VDay gifts, she better succomb to "Strippers and Scotch day".

If you're a gutless pussy, well then keep being her bitch, and don't come crying to me when she stops putting out, because I will just laugh in your pathetic face.

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