Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Might Be a Crazy Drunk If (Part 2)...

- An ejection and vomit free night qualifies as a success
- The majority of your facebook posts from the past year were posted when your BAC was over 0.10
- It is March 1st, and you already have double digit videos in the hands of at least 5 people documenting your drunken shenanigans.
- Anytime you see a girl acting crazy while drunk you consider her your "soulmate"
- You have ever told your Spanish professor: "Yo soy borracho y yo soy pendejo" when she asked you if you were feeling okay.
- You have ever failed a college class because you needed at least 4 more hours to survive the hangover
- You have ever been studying for a final, and decided that you learn better drunk, got drunk, took the final borderline passed out, and still got an "A"- might have been an A- but still impressive.
- You ever went to class drunk, scribbled some notes (that looked like a 2 year old wrote them), fell asleep, and then peaced out, and everyone thought you were just sick because you're just a sicko who can chill when he has to.
- You have an entire blog dedicated 75% to your drunken shenanigans and it has 8,000+ page views

Aside: I am seriously starting to believe that How I Met Your Mother steals shit from my blog. From Barney falling in love with a stripper, Barney and Ted spending WAY too much time at a strip club, the Drunk Train, Barney's insane antics + rules, and Ted's emo mushiness its seriously like they steal from this shit.

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