Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reasons Why I Will Never Get LOL Married

- No chick could tolerate my level of sports obsession/watching
- Lets face it, on an attractiveness level solely I'm like a 5 or a 6, and I only go after 8's or higher
- I NEVER want to have children.  I will be the coolest uncle in human history, and will love all of my friends' kids, but the thought of raising a kid terrfies me.  The crying, the screaming, Hillary make it stop!  WOMAN!  MAKE IT STOP!  Plus, I cannot take care of myself, how in the fuck do you expect me to take of another human being?
- I "do stuff" with a stripper twice, and no matter how hot/good she is I get bored with her, and want to try something new.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, men are not meant to be monogamous, and to be honest I probably never will be. 
- I witnessed plenty of lol married men in my family who were so whipped and beated down that it was depressing to be around them for even 5 minutes during holiday get-togethers.  I don't want to ever be like that.
- Nagging is annoying as fuck.  All men "pay for it" whether the way I do, or via engagement rings/dinners/drinks, etc. I'd rather pay for it and not have to deal with any other BS afterwards.  In other words, part company and never see each other again. 
-  Unfortunately the stereotype is that Asians have small dicks.  I am only Asian from the waste up, but unfortunately our fucking Putitan prude society makes us wear clothes all the time. 
- Any woman who ever reads this post will never consider marrying me
- There are WAY too many drunk/crazy marc stories that eventually one of them would turn a chick off from me
- There's the left at the altar philosophy- My number one recurring dream is of me getting left at the altar and I strongly feel that it's going to happen to me at some point in my life

REASON #1: I've met the woman that I truly belive to be my soulmate, and let her walk out of my life forever.  For that, I deserve the life that I have- one of degeneracy and excitement but ultimately loneliness.  /emo rant

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